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Create Glowing Text with Mosaic Tiles Filter in Photoshop

In this short Photoshop tutorial I am going to show you in the course of only sixteen steps how to create simple effect (not necessary to be used only for Text) with the help of Blending Options and Mosaic Tiles Filter from Textures menu.
I have used default Brush Script Std Font so you won't need to surf the net to download special fonts.
All Photoshop Versions are applicable.

This is the final result:


Create a new .psd file- go to File, New in the Menu bar. Call your document Glowing Text and set its Size to 1000/600 Pixels Width/Height. Insert 72 or 96 Pixels/Inch for Resolution (300 Pixels/Inch if you plan to print), choose RGB Color for Color Mode (CMYK Color if you will be printing) and select also Transparent for Background Contents to get automatically an editable first layer in your Layers panel.
Rename your Layer 1 to Gradient and proceed to the next step where we are going to colorize our canvas.


Set Foreground Color to #751f31 and Background Color to #030101 then press G key to call Gradient Tool. Navigate to the Options bar and choose Foreground to Background Gradient. After that click on Radial Gradient icon which is in the Options bar too.
Drag with the tool from the middle to any corner of the canvas and your outcome will be like this:

Type the Text and Use Layer Styles to Improve its Look

In Steps 3-8 we are going to use cool Font from default Photoshop Font Family, then we have to apply four Blending Options which will add more shadows and highlights, colors and 3D effect to our Text.


Grab Horizontal Type tool and navigate to its Options bar to change the settings. Select Brush Script Std default Font from Font Family drop down menu, Set the Font Size to 200pt and insert Color code #32a37a for Text Color. Type Glow using Capital Letters when you are ready. Highlight the Text and go to Window, Character or just click on Toggle the Character and Paragraph Panels icon it the Options bar. Set the Tracking to 100.
While your Glow Text layer is selected, press Ctrl+G (Layer, Group Layers) to place it in a group. Rename Group 1 that you'll get to Text Effect.


While Glow Text layer is still highlighted, press Ctrl+J or go to Layer, Duplicate Layer to make a copy of it. Now right click on Glow copy layer and select Rasterize Type from the fly-out menu to turn the Text layer into pixels.


Go back to the original Glow layer, right click on it and select Blending Options (Layer, Layer Style, Blending Options). When Layer Style dialog box pops up on your screen, check firstly Drop Shadow and change four of its settings. Increase Distance to 10px, Spread to 35% and Size to 18px then choose Ring-Double Contour from the Contour Picker.
Keep Layer Style dialog box active as three more Blending Options have to be added.


The second Layer Style you have to check in the dialog box is Outer Glow. Set its Blend Mode to Normal and Opacity to 100%, insert #77ffb1 Color Code for Color of Glow, choose Precize from Technique drop down menu, increase Size to 13px and select Gaussian Contour from the Contour Picker.


The next Layer Style we have to apply on Glow Text layer is Inner Glow. Set its Blend Mode to Lighten and increase Opacity to 100%. Set the Color of Glow to light yellow- #fff7b2, change Source to Center and heighten the value of Size to 21px.


The last Layer Style we have to add to Glow layer is Stroke. Set its Size to 6px, select Gradient from Fill Type drop down menu, change the Gradient Angle to 90 degrees and click on the Gradient rectangle to change its color stops like this:
First Color Stop (Location 25%): #32414f
Second Color Stop (Location 50%): #ffe87d
Third Color Stop (Location 90%): #32414f.

Your Text will look like this after applying all four Blending Options on the original Glow layer:

Apply Mosaic Tiles Flter and Add More Layer Styles

From the coming step till the end of this tutorial our work will be to apply Mosaic Tiles Filter to the rasterized text layer, then we are going to change its Blend Mode and add six Blending Options.


Now select Glow copy layer and go to Filter, Filter Gallery.

When Filter Gallery window appears on your screen, select Texture type of filters then click on Mosaic Tiles Filter swatch. Set Tile Size to 10, Grout Width to 2 and Lighten Grout to 0. Press OK button when you are ready with the settings of the chosen Filter.

This is the result of applying Mosaic Tiles Filter:


Change Blend Mode of Glow copy layer to Subtract or Difference and you'll get the following outcome:


Double click on Glow copy layer's thumbnail to call Layer Style box. We have firstly to colorize more the layer so firstly check Gradient Overlay. Set its Blend Mode to Screen, reduce Opacity to 40%, choose Violet, Green, Orange Gradient from the Gradient Picker, then select Reflected Style of Gradient and check if the Angle is automatically set to 90 degrees.


The second Layer Style we should apply on Glow copy layer is Inner Glow. Change its Blend Mode to Linear Dodge, increase Opacity to 100%, then Set Color of Glow to #c1ffdb. Change also Source to Center and increase Size to 65px.


Now it's time Inner Shadow Layer Style to be applied. Set Color of Shadow to #053f2b and Opacity to 100%, then change Distance to 6px and Size to 1px.


Let us add thin translucent border to Glow copy layer now. For the purpose tick Stroke Layer Style, set its Size to 3px, lower Opacity to 70%, choose Gradient for Fill Type and set Gradient Angle to 90 degrees. Insert these Color Stops:
First Color Stop (Location 20%): #5e673b
Second Color Stop (Location 50%): #ba7e29
Third Color Stop (Location 100%): #5e673b.


Now let us add subtle 3D look to our Text. Tick Bevel and Emboss Layer Style and leave its default settings unchanged.

Check Contour Layer Style and select Half Round from the Contour Picker.

No more Blending Options play. This is how your Text will look after following all previous steps. In Layers pane you should have one separate Gradient layer and one Text Effect group which includes two layers: Glow and Glow copy.


This is my Glowing Text with Mosaic Tiles saved in .jpg format.

Hope you find this effect awesome and easy to create. Many thanks for reading this tutorial and God bless! :)

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